I am Katalin Horváth portrait and documentary photographer.


I live in Budapest as a freelance photographer. I majored in French and Hungarian with a degree in humanities, and after college spent a month in Paris on a scholarship from the French Institute. I worked as a communications expert and spokesperson, while also implemented personal photography projects.I graduated at the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts, Master of Photography, where I worked on several projects.I have been documenting the life of ethnic communities living along the Austro-Hungarian border for the past two years, which has two aspects: on the one hand, the phenomenon of the double border, which was caused by Trianon and the Iron Curtain. In addition, I actively deal with the identity-preserving activities of local nationalities, and at the same time with the effects of cultural globalism and the multicultural phenomena. My work is personally motivated, I would like to observe through my own generation how the above processes work at both the individual and community level. Also interested in the possibilities of my own generation to preserve and assume their own identity in the current social environment.In addition to works of art, I work as an applied photographer, creating portraits and documenting projects in online and offline media, with theater, TV, and event management companies, for government and corporate clients.