I am Katalin Horváth portrait and documentary photographer.


I live in Budapest as a freelance photographer. I majored in French and Hungarian with a degree in humanities, and after college spent a month in Paris on a scholarship supported by French Institute. I graduated at the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts, Master of Photography in 2021, now I am currently student at MOME Doctoral School in Budapest (DLA studies). I had been documenting the life of ethnic communities living along the Austro-Hungarian border for the past four years. I actively deal with the identity-preserving activities of local nationalities, and at the same time with the effects of cultural globalism and the multicultural phenomena. My doctoral research topic is transculturalism. In addition to works of art, I work as an applied photographer, creating portraits and documenting projects in online and offline media, with theater, TV, and event management companies, for government and corporate clients.

Scholarships and Exhibitions

2023 Work in context International Symposium of Central European Photography, MOME
2023 ENTER, Random, Exhibition 
2023 „tiny_art 2.0”, Pintér Gallery
2022 Capa Grand Prize 2022 group exhibition, Capa Center
2022 The Political Image, MOME Photography MA, Center
2022 „The heritage”, solo exhibition, Szentpéterfa
2021 Capa Grand Prize 2022 scholarship
2021 „Túl”, group exhibition, Budapest

2021 „Standby”, group exhibition, Budapest
2021 „Képzőművészet és színház Alsóörsön”, group exhibition, Alsóörs
2021 MOME Photography MA group exhibition (online)
2018 National Cultural Fund
2006 Sèvres, France, L’institut Français Budapest scholarship